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ABout Edison:


My name is Edison Gomez-Krauss, I am an ESL teacher from Anza with a bachelor's in Gastronomy running for Mt. San Jacinto Community College District, Trustee Area 1. I'm a first generation Mexican-American born in Southern California; as such I have worked with international organizations on both sides of the US-Mexico border as an interpreter, community organizer and animal rights advocate. I served as the youngest member of the Anza Valley Mountain Communities Municipal Advisory Council and am a founding member of the small farmers' rights advocacy group, the High Country Growers Association.


I believe we at a point in history where the pillars of our society are in need of fundamental change. Public Health, Public Safety, Housing and Education are not meeting the moment, and the institutions that shape their policy are failing the people they are supposed to serve. 


Mt. San Jacinto Community College has a 27% graduation rate and a 13% transfer out rate. These unacceptable numbers exemplify how we are leaving our youth unprepared for the challenges that we must face together.


Trustees and board members should listen to and prioritize teacher's concerns, as they are the front lines against illiteracy. A lack of college readiness when exiting high school requires remediation which in turn hinders educator's ability to appropriately convey knowledge and values to their students.


We must pay closer attention to underserved and underrepresented segments of our community: the homeless and transient youth, foster kids, LGBTQ+ youth, BIPOC youth and the Latino community that makes up 70% of the student body. I pledge to fight for increased attention to ADA accessibility, ESL learners and aggressively work to dismantle the school to prison pipeline at all levels of education.


Although these are troubling times, we must prepare for a prosperous future. We must do better; for teachers, students, and our entire community.




Key Issues:


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Outreach to Homeless and Transient Youth

Frequent Revision of Distance Learning Options.

Facilitate Learning Environments for Disabled and ESL learners

Work to dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline

Guarantee Teacher and Student Safety on Campus